Sunday, January 7, 2018

2017 Summarized

2017 has been an eventful and wonderful, and so much to be grateful for.

Settled into the new job. Made the trip to Joshua National Park (and Palm Springs and LA), which had been on my bucket for a long time. Got the best news that we will be having a niece in September!

In May, we got the news that we will be expecting a girl in January! 

Family visited from India in June and we had wonderful time doing the touristy stuff around the city. We visited Banff National Park and Jasper National Park in July. I set up my indoor garden corner this summer, which was a long dream. I made my first Etsy (a website I have been been eyeing for years too) purchase - swiss cheese plant. In August, Harvey hit Houston and though we were fortunate to not have any major damage, it caused wide spread suffering and damage to others. We will be talking about Harvey for a long time.

T and I became proud mama and mama and welcomed our niece in September. We have been smitten since.

We visited family in Virginia in October and made a last trip together before we settled into getting ready for parenthood. T visited his niece in November - it was love at first sight and I enjoyed watching all the videos and pics from across the continents.  While T was away, I had staycations- a weekend with Oj and kids, where I was pampered by her cooking and a week with mom that gave us just enough time to visit the garden stores and antique malls in leisure. Had a mini baby shower at work and our friends threw the prettiest Hokie themed baby shower with Pinterest worthy decorations. Megs visited and we got to catchup.

 We had a snowfall in Houston in December and enjoyed one dreamy morning that put everyone in high spirits. December was also busy getting ready for the baby. First purchase/splurge was made on Minted (another site I had been eyeing for a long long time) for baby's room. Family visited us, mom and K threw another grand baby shower with lots of flowers, decor and the penguin cake (which was the highlight) and family love.

Other big events for the year also involved a lot of immediate family moving around. A&L moved from Delhi to Pune - miss that they are not in Delhi anymore, but also so happy that they are closer to Mumbai now. A&K finally moved in together and are settled in Chicago for now. Mom and dad moved in closer to us so the fresh food delivery has become easier. 

Adios 2017 and thank you for the wonderful memories. Looking forward to all the new experiences, joys, challenges and memories that 2018 will bring. This will be a busy year for sure!

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