Saturday, April 16, 2016


Twenty-16 was off to a really really busy start, as anticipated - A lot of excitement, joy, good vibes!
We got the new home, will be posting a lot of new projects around the house in the upcoming weeks - I am so excited about it.

Aai and baba visited us and we enjoyed delicious dinners, company in the new house, help in decorating the new place, evening catch-ups at tea time, some touristy outings and lots of laughs!

A&K got married!! Non-stop fun, shopping, dancing, family, friends, chaos, dancing, fun, chaos, cousins, colors, fun, dancing...... so many memories!!!

(p.s. - The above two pics are not by me, but by the professional photographers at Dean Sanderson. These two are my most favorite pics that capture spirit of the whole wedding)

It has been such an amazing start to the year... one of the best so far!

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  1. Gorgeous people in gorgeous Cancun!! Love love :-*