Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The year gone by...

2014 has been an ordinary year compared to the other years in the past. There were a lot of memories made, but there were no major events like in the years past (when we had home purchases, marriages to attend in family, aai-baba's visit, big travels etc.) and because the year was so mundane, I think this year went by a little slow. However, there are always memories being made and looking back, here are some of my favorite memories of 2014:

1. T&I kicked off the year on a right note by running the half-marathon together in January. I probably ignored running for the entire year after that, but I am getting back into the groove now.

2. T's roomie and my roomie from college visited us - nothing like meeting old friends and talking about the wild stories from the past!

3. We vacationed on beaches (Puerto Rico) and among the mountains (Colorado). Two places struck off the list.

4. T's sister and my brother setup their abodes in new cities. Exploring new pastures :-)

5. My dream and plans of having a fairy garden were turned to reality and I think the garden did very well  - I even changed the decor with seasons! Hopefully, I can expand it further next year.

6. And there are always some bad memories too. It was such a nightmare when T got bit by a dog. Somehow, dogs and I never get along. But now that it is all over, we laugh about it and have an interesting story to tell when we meet peeps!

7. Dad turned 60!

8. T started a new hobby of playing racquet ball and he is ever-ready for a game - Good vibes!

9. I invested and planted a bunch of bulbs in the yard - hopefully, I will get some good returns in the future. I think that's a major milestone for my small yard.

10. And to end the year on a high note, I bagged a new role at work! Really excited to start the new job in 2015!

So adios 2014, and see you all in 2015 with a clean new slate and a few good vibes! :D

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