Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fairies are welcome...

Finally, the project that started in January with my aunt has come to a decent shape to share some pics.
This is how it started-off -

In the last 3 months, the plants died. Partly due to the winter cold and partly due to my negligence and winter hibernation.

So a little warm weather last weekend motivated me to finish the project.

This time I planted succulents for the garden cause hopefully they will have a slower growth pace and they are really low-maintenance. This is how it looks right now...

Now that garden is mostly set, the plan to change the decor of the garden to match the seasons. Also need to add a few more rocks to fill the gaps between the plants, add plants in the empty pots, grow a miniature vine over the pergola, maybe even add lights to make it look cozy in the night, add a table with the tea pots and books, add a minion etc. etc. etc.

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