Friday, March 29, 2013

The yard project

Now, although we have a really small yard, I would like to use that space to grow a mini garden and my current focus is to get the garden blooming for spring and summer. Hopefully, it will be all set in the next month or so just in time to enjoy some evening cups of tea with T's mom while admiring the plants. The project started a couple of weeks back and here are the updates so far...

The first step of course was weeding and mulching the soil and T was of great help!

A rusty old bench (left by the previous home-owners) is being used as a prop for the yard, and I added some pots around it to create a little more space for plants and hopefully, they will add a layered effect for some character. 

I planted some bulbs and seeds a few weeks back per my expert consultants (mom and aunt) and I am patiently waiting for the seedlings to grow.

While they are testing my patience, I went to the garden store today to buy fillers for some empty spaces. I am hoping to fit a miniature garden somewhere in-between and hobby-lobby was a great place to shop for miniatures.

Here are all the things from my shopping bag! :-)

I think my evening just got a little busier! I better get started outside before it gets too dark!

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