Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ginger Chutney

My eldest aunt gave me the recipe for ginger pickle last time I spoke to her and I tried it out this week. It came out okay but I think I had an overdose of 'methi' seeds in the recipe. I will have to try it again, specially since its so easy to make!

Recipe -
Make a tadka of red chillies, methi seeds (use 1/4th of a spoon or even less), chana daal (1/2 spoon), mustard seeds and a few curry leaves.
Grind the tadka in magic bullet.  Add 1 cup of diced ginger pieces, 2 spoons of tamarind paste, salt to taste and 1/4th a spoon of jaggery and grind it all till it becomes a fine paste.

And voila - it's done!
I love simple recipes! :D

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  1. Overdose of Methi seeds LOL. Dudess.. this is fun. The pictures are really nice!! I will be peeking into the sunny side of your life often.. like I said. Pizzaaaaz people are important. you are one of them though you sleep a large number of hours.