Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mom's spring garden - 2017

Made a last minute spontaneous visit to mom today and although I would have loved to capture the garden in the morning light, here are some pics taken today afternoon. Spring blooms of 2017 :D

The backyard is dominated by pink flowers and lovely lush greens...

The red mulch in the front yard is bright and colorful and warm. Love this sight of welcoming bunches :)

And the old bear continues to hang on the tree with his birdie! 
See another view of the garden as it bloomed in 2014 here.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig was my biggest obsession for a long time. I could not find it in the local stores, but when Ikea had baby plants for $12 - I bought myself two plants and hoped that one day they will be 4 feet tall! That was in 2013. Read about it here.
Now the plants are more than 6 feet tall and are still doing well.

They are still in their original pots they came in which seems a little small for the big plant. I also noticed that the leaves were drooping for one of the plants, maybe due to lack of nutrients. So last year, I decided to experiment changing one of the plants to a bigger pot. I did not want to risk moving both plants into bigger pots at the same time.

I moved the plant in September last year, but got to blogging about it just now. The plant looked a little sad in the pot, so I did not want to wait till spring to move it. I am glad that the plant adjusted well.

Also looks like it grew about an inch since last September (although the leaves have started drooping again). Now its time to feed it some spring fertilizer and continue watering it once a week. Lets see how far this journey continues.

The next thing I want to experiment on the plant is to see how it can branch out instead of growing up straight. Maybe something to try next time. :)

Monday, February 20, 2017

2017 Reading List

To increase my appetite for reading and stay motivated to read more, I am thinking of maintaining a log of the books I read this year - This is my own book club for books/journals/articles... actually any kind of interesting reading material I come across this year. Here is what I have so far, and hopefully this list will be constantly updated throughout the year (and hence the reverse numbering).

3) Kane & Able - My first Jeffrey Archer book was 'The Prodigal Daughter' which I probably read in high school and he has since been one of my favorite authors. After that first book, I think I read all his books back to back except Kane and Able (and now I also need to catch up with his books from the latest Clifton Series). Since we have been locked up in the house this weekend due to rains, this was the perfect pick. Its been a while since I read his books, and 200 pages into this book, I am reminded of why he is my favorite story-teller.

2) Urban Jungle - This book had been on my wish list ever since I first heard about it back in mid-2016. Social media/ Instagram advertising totally caught my attention and I added it to my Xmas wish list. The book was so hard to find in the local bookstores, and had to be ordered online and the shipment kept delaying. Finally Mrs. Santa (mom) gave it to me in January and I have been so glued to each page in the book - admiring the pictures and soaking in a bits of information on styling and caring for plants. Its one of my favourite coffee table books and the only coffee table book that I have read end to end!

1) Arranged Marriage - I first came across Chitra Divakaruni's books when I was browsing in the local Library and her book 'One Amazing Thing' was on the reading list. I loved that book and her writing style - it was just simple story telling and it was so refreshing to me. I also read 'Oleander Girl' and loved that story too. I think her stories all revolve around a strong female character born in India and facing the challenges and adventures of assimilating in the US culture and maintaining the balance of both cultures. Now I want to read all her books, and this is the 3rd pick from the author. It's a collection of short stories and I was a little disappointed in the way stories unfolded - each one had a sad ending or something that depicted that marriages arent perfect and there are too many untold imperfections, and the stories were heavy to read. It is true that marriages aren't perfect, but I like to read for relaxation and not to burden myself with the problems of the characters in the story to think about in my free time!! But, I still think it was a good read, and I am looking forward to reading other books from the author.